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Water Treatment


     PT. Jaya Manggala Sakti supplies water treatment chemicals for Oilfield, Wastewater Treatment, Portable Water, Mineral Processing, Sugar and Paper Industries.

    Our principle has developed into a large scale chemical group corporation engaging in Production, Research and Development, Technical service, Engineering and Polymer Preparation Equipment Supply.

In addition to a complete range of powder grade polycrylamides, marketed under the HENGFLOC trade name, Our principle also manufactures crystal grade acrylamide and polydadmac coagulants.

Our crystal acrylamide capacity of 85000 T/year utilizes microbiological technology,
which enables our range of ultra high molecular weight polymers to be produced with four residual monomer content

    Our principle is now a well recognized supplier of quality products on a global basis since commencing exports in 2000 and it is

ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001certified

Crystal Acrylamide

The high grade Crystal Acrylamide products we produce using carrier-free microbiological catalyzed technology gives the following advantage over the chemical method for producing acrylamide:

  • Higher Purity
  • Ability to produces Ultra High molecular weight polyacrylamides
  • No Copper
  • Low Ferrous Content
  • No Inhibitors


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